New alternative protein-rich fish feed

ingredient from wood residues

contributing to bridge the European protein gap.

SYLFEED is an international and multidisciplinary 3 year project aiming at scaling-up Arbiom’s Technology to convert wood residues into a protein rich ingredient comprised of SCP (Single Cell Protein) in order to address the European protein gap. SYLFEED will demonstrate Arbiom’s technology at larger scale and prepare for industrial scale-up.

SYLFEED brings a new innovative, nutritive, cost competitive and sustainable protein rich ingredient derived from wood residues to the fish feed market, thus unlocking value from underexploited forest and wood residues.

The project gathers a consortium of eight partners from five different countries encompassing the entire value chain, from biomass sourcing through fish feed manufacturing.

Wood Residues Sourcing

Biomass Pre-Treatment and SCP conversion

End-product Manufacturing

October 23, 2018

SYLFFED at the 11th Protein Summit

Arbiom, the coordinator of the SYLFEED project, will attend the 11th Protein Summit that will take place October 24-26 in Lille, France. Please visit the Summit's website for more information.
October 23, 2018

Arbiom at the Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference

The the Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference  is taking place until 26th of October. Arbiom, the coordinator of SYFEED is presenting at the conference, which takes place in the capital of Finland,…
October 10, 2018

Arbiom at the EFIB start-up village

Arbiom has been selected as an exhibitor of the EFIB start-up village. EFIB, the European Forum on Industrial Biotechnology, is the market leading annual event in Europe for Industrial Biotechnology…




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